Test stands


Complex tests make high demands on the measurements. Normally vibration or airflow test measurements are done by highly qualified personal. This leads to high test costs. We offer our customers high precision test stands that have a fail safe user interface which can be with used by normal personal.

Vibration Test Stand for Quality Assurance

Test stand to determine the Eigenfrequencies of test objects for quality control.

Airflow Test Stand

Test stand to determine the mass flow of air through test objects like turbine blades etc.

Shim Damping Test Stand SAEJ3001 |vDamp

Test stand to determine the damping map of a shim over a specified frequency and temperature range.

Brake Pad Damping Test Stand SAEJ2598 |vDamp

Test stand for determination of natural frequencies and damping values.

Automated Modal Analysis

Test stand for automated determination of Frequency Response Functions for Modal Analysis.